GST Billing software Starts with @2999/Per year/User. sales

Generate Tally Style Invoices from BizMitra and Enjoy a smooth Tally Integration with BizMitra Gold which don't fail.



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Multi -User

User Management Feature

GST Invoices

Create and send error-free GST invoices with no accounting knowledge or experience with inbuilt GST calculation.

Industry standard GST invoices

WithBizmitra you can create and share error-free, industry standard GST invoices that are widely accepted everywhere.

  • GST compliant invoices that conform to various industry standards
  • Create GST invoices in seconds from your smartphone or computer
  • Automated GST calculation
  • Share invoices over SMS, Email & Whatsapp instantly

Seamless Tally Integrations

Simply activate our tcp and enjoy a seamless Integration with Tally.

  • Two Way Maser Integrations Create, Edit funtionality
  • Two Way Transacton Integrations with Create Edit functionality
  • Many More Features Coming
GST Filing

Simplify GST compliance

Coming Soon

Got receivables?Bizmitra can help you!

BIZ MITRA can help you easily track receivables, reconcile payments and send reminders for overdue invoices.

Invoice Stream

Streamline your receivables collection

Studies show that business owners having real-time receivable information can reduce risk of defaults multi-fold, while also boosting collections.

  • Get daily overdue invoices report
  • Instant access to customer accounts statement
  • Send gentle reminders for overdue payments

Use On Any Device

Start billing your customers from your mobile phone or desktop computer - anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Inventory Platform

Powerful inventory platform to help you maintain a track of your inventory across multiple branches.

Barcode Scanner

Use the barcode scanner inbuilt intoBizmitra to quickly scan and bill items at checkout counters.

Send Whatsapp Invoices

Send professional drafted eInvoices through SMS, email and Whatsapp to customers at time of billing.

eWay Bill Generation

Generate GST eWay bill based on your invoices quickly on a single integrated platform.

Bill Book

Generate bill of supply, quotes, delivery challan, credit note and more using a single platform.